The most important factors in SEO in 2018

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    The strategies and factors that have influenced SEO over the years have always been tweaked. And with Google's updates in its updates, webmasters and SEOs should update themselves with these changes to keep up with their pivots and be able to position themselves in Keep up the results. In this article, we are going to examine what factors affect the SEO site since the start of the new year, and it is better to focus on these factors in the future.

    The most important factors in SEO in 2018

    The first part of the impact of the content factor in SEO in 2018
    According to a recent Google lecture published in the Bloomberg magazine:

    RankBrain has become the most important ranking factor in search results in recent months.

    According to the speech, RankBrain is even more important in 2018.

    But what is a RankBrain question? How to optimize your pages?
    Google RankBrain is a Google machine that has the ability to learn and helps Google to sort sites in search results.

    This definition is very complex, but it is not.

    RankBrain makes it easy to measure how users interact with search results.

    An example: You search for a rare cafe phrase.

    The fourth place is the Google Cafe Naderi site in the Revolution. You will definitely click on it.

    When you're logged in, you can. Find all your relevant information, such as addresses and menus on the site, which is exactly what you were looking for.

    In this way, the rare cafe of the Revolution for the Cafe Cafe is transmitted to higher ranks in Google. As long as Google takes the first rank.

    Now assume that you are looking for the term "cold tea properties". No matter what results, click on the first search result. But the site is about to advertise a coffee shop instead of offering cool cold tea properties. You left the site after a few seconds and returned to the search page.

    This time, you will be looking more carefully at the 4th place in the Café Café. And you will be taken to the articles section of this site. You will find complete information on the medical properties of cold tea, how to prepare cold tea, cold tea in various cultures on this site. That way you spend hours doing research on the site. Moving from article to article and writing notes. In this way, RankBrain will give a better rating to the Cafe Cafe site, and will lower the rank of the first site.

    Note: Companies designing a lot of sites in Iran to fool this algorithm with the help of VPN, click on the site and click on the customer site. Google has not had a long history of search results with a proxy in its search results, and this does not have any benefit or disadvantage to SEO.

    RankBrain focuses on two factors:
    The length of time a user stays on the page
    Percentage of users who click on the site link (clickthrough rate).
    User durability and impact on search results:
    Shelf life = The amount of time users stay after the site search and login to the site.

    In fact, Google's chairman in Canada recently said that Google considers the shelf-life as one of the most important factors in ranking a site. He said RankBrain measured the survival rate as follows:

    When the user clicks on the link, and when it stays on the page, it returns to the search results.

    What is the golden shelf life?
    Research shows that sites ranked 1 to 10 in Google. The average shelf life is 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

    If you have worked with Google Analytics Analog Devices. You know, it's not hard to achieve a 3-minute shelf-life.

    The more the page has a better content. The user's shelf life is also higher on the page.

    Why is RankBrain called?
    If you think a bit, you will find that it is very wise to put users' site durability in line with the quality of the pages.

    If the number of users who spend more than the average time on a page is high. Google will rank that site more qualified to find the site easier for users to find that site.

    The click rate and its impact on SEO in 2018
    For many years, click rate is one of the factors that is effective on SEO. This factor will have more impact on search results in 2018.

    Google's Google Haul Google's Paul Haahr said:

    RankBrain sometimes gives a site a higher rating than what it deserves.

    If the site received more click rates. We conclude that that site deserves a better ranking on Google. This increases the site's rank.

    If someone does not click on your site link. Why should Google increase your site rank?

    If there is a high click on the site then there is no reason why Google will give bad site 9 to your site.

    There are techniques that raise the site's natural click rate. Techniques like Data Highlighter (adding stars, photos, ... along with sitelinks in search results)

    Part II: Be the most professional click-through rate
    Being professional at being clicked on for SEO in 2018 is a must. The reason is RankBrain.

    Your site should scream in the search results: click! Otherwise it will be ignored.

    The third part of the content is the real winner
    As if you have a good quality store. Can easily get your customer. A site with appropriate content can get its user and customer.

    Google always reviews pages for the number of keywords. This means that the Google Robot will look at the following when reviewing your page:

    Is the keyword used in the tag title
    Is the keyword used in the page address
    Is the keyword used in the Alt attribute of images
    Is the keyword used in the description meta tag.
    Is the keyword used in the H1 tag?
    Google seems to continue to focus on these factors in 2018. But much smarter than before.

    Today, Google does not pay attention to measuring the content concentration on the keyword to determine the quality of the content.

    What does this mean: remember that Google's task is to display the best results at its best. Most of the time, the best content is not the content that repeatedly repeated the keyword.

    In fact, quality content usually describes a keyword deeply. It's a good idea to have a high-quality content never have the same keyword. Whilst fully related to the keyword.

    Research shows that content that is more in depth in 2018 will rank better than content that has only been repeated in a keyword and has not cared much for quality. Fortunately, the SEO Web team has always focused on producing content for the real audience.

    Content Content Validity
    From 2018, the content must have at least 2000 words. Believe it will be a great challenge for many sites. Production of 2000 word content for a store site, service, ... will not be easy at all.

    Try to get your article to contain all the content that users who visit the site may want from Google.

    After reaching an article of 2000 words, you need to make sure there are related keyword words in the article. Google considers a series of words to be related.

    Examples on a Hair Coloring Tutorial site in Photoshop Related Keywords include:

    Photo retouching in Photoshop
    Color digital hair
    Professional Photoshop Training
    Photoshop in 24 hours
    Step 2 Pour the color of your hair into the new layer.

    You can also use keywords that make the audience more inquisitive. Such words are not very applicable to official and corporate sites. Example: On the site above, for coloring the hair in Photoshop, use the keyword:

    The digital mesh also arrived
    This previous word helps the reader to read the text.

    The words that carry the core word concept are called LSI, which stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

    After finding the words that match your keyword. You can add them to your page content.

    The second method is to find the words associated with the Google search keyword. After a keyword search on Google at the bottom of the search results page, a series of terms related to the search term is introduced. These words can also be used in their content.

    The third method is to use Google's click advertising. If you have ordered your ads for your site. You can use the Keyword Suggestion Tool.

    Part IV: Get ready for your Mobile-first Index
    In 2018, the Google Mobile First Index feature has been more seriously tracked. According to Google's latest announcement, Google's policies have completely switched to mobile-first index.

    What is the Google mobile first index:
    Google mobile first index means that Google will consider the site's mobile version of the site's original version. Even if users search for your site and Pc.

    Google, according to the fact that 60% of Internet users today have access to the Internet via mobile phones. It has taken this policy.

    When this article is published. Google has not yet implemented the Mobile-first index policy. But apparently, we all have to move that way to create our sites first for mobile.

    Three steps to prepare our site for Mobile-First Index:
    Step 1: Create your own content for desktop and mobile. Some developers in the mobile version hide some of the contents of the page

    In 2018, after the mobile-first is implemented in practice. Hiding content in a mobile version becomes a problem. Because Google will not consider the hidden content.

    This means that any content that is displayed in the mobile version. Site content is considered. So we have to display the same content for mobile and desktop.

    Step 2: Go to the version of the mobile version of the mobile version

    The mobile version or AMP is fully supported by Google. But the mobile version means having a copy of the entire content at another address and can be used instead of the reciprocal design.

    Note: Different sites give contradictory views about moving from RIS to AMP or vice versa. But it should be remembered that even if you have a mobile version, you should not neglect the design of the recipe. That is, the site's riskiness is a compulsion. Even if your site has a mobile version.

    Step 3: Make sure the site operators (buttons, links, videos, menus, ...) work properly on mobile.

    Some web features are not available on mobile. Example: Hovering. So if you put a button in another button on the hover, it's inaccessible on mobile. This is because of the different menu design in the mobile version and the PC version for sites. So make sure all of your buttons are available on the site through the mobile.

    Put buttons that are easy to click and create enough padding in the mobile version and use a font that does not require zooming to be read on the phone. It will keep users up on your site.
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    Here are the ranking factors that will really matter in 2018

    • Publish High-Quality Content. ...
    • 2. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly. ...
    • Create a Secure Website (HTTPS) ...
    • Improve Your User Experience. ...
    • Optimize Your Page Speed. ...
    • Master Your On-Page Optimization. ...
    • Earn Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks.
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    Main ranking factors in 2018

    Mobile First User Experience
    Click Through Rate
    Other Technical Signals
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    O page and Off page task. Writing the blog and updating your site with fresh content. The main factor is On page optimization with high-quality content.

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