Scrapebox Expert + WP/PHP - $15/hr + Commission

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    Scrapebox Expert + WP/PHP - $15/hr + Commission

    I need someone who is a Scrapebox expert, for form posting, multi-tier backlinks, some no-follow only solicitations for do-follow requests for my black-to-white-hat converting website, mostly do-and-no-follow ads placed using long tail keywords I provide for anchor-text/URL-only mixing and article spinning - I will provide the keywords and articles with spin brackets, you provide URLs and post backlinks and form e-mail ads. You can PCAnywhere or its equivalent to one of 5 pc's remotely to set-up, including your own pc's, (no payment for robot-only time, maybe $5/hour robot-only time on your pc's). The best pyramid is 500 backlinks to each of my seven sites, then three backlinks from 1500 URL's to each of the 500, and so on down to 81,000 backlinks in a 7-tier pyramid, about 142,000 backlinks total, or an equilateral pyramid, starting with 300k URL's where failure because of recaptcha protection might be about 50%.

    I will pay $15/hour plus 10% commission for PandaBusters daught kouhm, $10/hour plus 20% commission is your other option. For AnarchyForever dought kaughm, AntiPussyTrap daught kaughm, HitManForever daught kouhm, I will pay $15/hour plus 5% commission, $10/hour plus 10% commission. I am building three more sites now. If you know PHP/MySQL (preferred but not required) and Wordpress, I can pay you the same wages to fix my Profile Builder application, add PHP code (which I can do myself) that redirects to your PayPal/Bitcoin/Coinbase account every 5th purchase for 20% commission, every 10th purchase for 10% commission, and so on, for instant payment, cookie tracking, no feuds over fairness of compensation, no bonding, etc.

    Reply by no later than October 17, 2017, at noon PST. I will reply with a request for resume attachment, short essay exam, and request for 3 references, and I will make a decision by October 20. If increasingly successful, the runner-ups will be contacted sometime later for more advertising, IT, and customer service job openings.

    Thank you.
    Jim Wood
    Panda Busters
    Anarchy Forever

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