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    Google Ads Mastery comes in six modules:
    Module #1: Search:

    Google’s massive battery of new changes: the New Way of thinking about and running Google Ads
    How to use ‘drafts and experiments’ Because You Must Test Before You Trust!
    You MUST know the fundamentals before you automate!
    You must use audiences and not just keywords in search campaigns
    Correct account and campaign structures for 2019-2020
    Why Exact Match isn’t exact any more and what to do about it (Google is doing to keywords what phone providers do to service plans… they morph them into something else so if you’re not paying attention, you wind up on the most expensive plan)
    Why you need to be VERY CAREFUL using broad match with smart bidding
    “Responsive Search Ads” is now 90% bigger than it ever was before – but they need to be tested FIRST (your mileage may vary)
    AI: Understanding ad ‘elements’ in 2019-2020… When to let the ‘machine’ manage your ads (and when not to)
    Which Ad extensions are most critical
    Should you use Google’s new Smart Campaigns? A definitive criteria

    Module #2: Google Shopping:

    Smart Shopping campaigns – what are they and should you use them?
    How to setup shopping the correct way for 2019-2020
    Feed management – what do you need to know, what tools to use
    Dynamic Remarketing – how do you set this up? (You can expect very attractive ROIs if you do this properly)
    Shopify integrations are coming. Are they ready for prime time?
    How do you sell products to multiple countries with the new Smart Campaigns
    Common errors and how to troubleshoot them
    YouTube TrueView shopping – filter and match to video ‘groups’

    Module #3: Display and Remarketing:

    The Display Grid – what is it and how to use it to plan campaigns and win more clients
    How to target Intent with G’s latest audiences
    Smart Display Campaigns – eventually forced into this, why you need to know this NOW
    What happened to the Display Planner? Google scrapped it. What Google wants you to use instead.
    Similar Audiences recently changed – are you using them the right way?
    What offers/funnels are working on Google Display Network? Look at these examples!
    How should your Display messaging differ from search?
    What are ‘Life Events’ and should you use them?
    Responsive Display Ads – what’s changed and why you probably want to re-consider using them, with the new capabilities that Google’s AI brings (Google is in a massive dog fight with Facebook – struggling to regain their perceived relevance. But make no mistake, Google is EXTREMELY relevant)

    Module #4: Youtube and Gmail:

    YouTube as sales influencer – earlier in funnel than ever before!
    How does targeting differ for Youtube and Gmail?
    Which of the (many) formats should you focus on
    TV4A goal is sales (only!) (And don’t let any Google rep tell you otherwise)
    Is your Remarketing setup the right way?
    The Story Arc changed in 2018… are you making use of this critical insight?
    How do you win with Gmail ads
    Which metrics to expect and how to improve them
    What’s Google’s Reach Planner and how can it help you?

    Module #5: Tracking

    Deep Dive into conversion tracking
    Which phone tracking solutions are worth using and which are not (Call Rail vs Google?). How to manage local numbers
    Have you updated to the Gtag yet?
    A quick primer on Google Tracking Manager
    When to use Google Analytics for tracking… and when not to
    What questions should you ask of your Analytics – aka how to get useful reports
    What reporting tools should you use in 2019?

    Module #6: Optimizing campaigns in 2019:

    Mike’s ‘CEO Method’ explained
    It’s all about having the right processes. What questions to ask yourself to managing things right.
    New Google Ads habits you need in 2019

    What’s the Profit Curve and how can you use it to find that optimum sweet spot
    What target CPA (or Return On Ad Spend) should you be aiming for? What are you optimizing for?
    What campaign structures should you use in 2019?
    Are SKAGs dead?
    Are external management tools like Optmyzr worth the money in a world of automation?
    Mindset – Ads management is a blend of art and science
    Alerts – send yourself an email when important metrics change
    Billing alerts – now you can get alerted when your credit card declines
    Auto rules – what are the best use cases
    Should you invest in learning Scripts?
    How can you create an email-able Dashboard for your results inside Google Ads
    Mobile speed – how much does it matter and what is AMP?

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    Hi may i get this please?

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