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    The Pin Code 3.0 From Amanda Craven Review, Bonus – The Pin Code 3.0 teaches the brand new Pinterest secrets that skyrocket sales, leads and opt-ins from the 200M+ eager customers who are there to buy.

    Pinterest is bigger, better and more lucrative than ever – here’s how to take advantage of that!

    This Is The 2nd Largest Traffic Driver On The Planet…And You’re About To Discover How To Grab Your Share Of It…

    Pinterest Is A Marketer’s Paradise
    There are now 200+ million monthly active Pinterest users
    2 million Pinterest pins are sent from one user to another daily
    93% of Pinners Shopped Online in the Past Six Months
    88% of people purchase what they pin
    80% of people who click on a pin buy
    Best of all…the average spend on Pinterest is $50 higher than on any other social media platform!

    Pinterest is bigger and better than ever, especially for marketers. Why? Because there are so many more opportunities to sell directly from the platform…many of them so new that most marketers simply have not caught up.
    And that means a golden opportunity to cash in before the rest of the world catches on. Make no mistake, this is a global platform that beats out any other when it comes to selling, especially as the average buyer via Pinterest now spends $50 MORE than on Facebook…

    With 12 billion searches conducted on the platform every month and 96% of Pinterest users planning purchases via the site that is a very large pie for anyone to share. And share you can because Pinterest is actively expanding in favor of marketers while growing beyond the current total of 200 million users a month and 2 million product pins a day.

    The Pin Code 3.0 not only teaches the Pinterest secrets that skyrocket sales, leads and opt-ins from these eager consumers but also lets you in on the latest, breaking techniques and tactics that will really set you apart from the pack.

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