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    Dan Lok - Perfect Closing Script


    Are Old School Sales Methods On Their Deathbed?

    Why These 8 Famous Sales Techniques Turn Off Today’s Cautious Buyer…And What You Should Do NOW Instead

    So is Forbes actually right when they say “traditional sales” are ineffective?

    10,857+ sales scenarios from our pipeline yell: HELL YES!

    Old-school sales techniques are deader than a doornail….

    Most of the traditional sales techniques are 3 inches away from being 6 feet under…

    Have you ever seen one of those old cell phones that was the size of a brick?

    Yup. That’s how they were closing deals back then.

    And what do cell phones look like today?

    Pull your phone out of your pocket and take a look at that.

    And what did sales techniques look like in 1987?

    The alternative close. The assumptive close.The now or never close. The summary close.

    The sharp angle close. The Columbo close. The hard close. The takeaway close.

    And many, many more.

    What do sales techniques look like today?

    The exact same. And that’s the problem.

    Our phones have been updated and improved, but the techniques we use on them haven’t.

    Not only that, customers are a quick search and a few clicks away from finding the same product we offer for cheaper somewhere else on Google.

    The days of competing on features, benefits, service, and price are over.

    “Features and benefits, along with implementation, and even customer service are no longer major differentiators.” -Forbes

    It may seem like sales is going downhill, and it’s harder than ever to close deals.

    You’re right.

    But once you use this NEW sales method, you’ll breeze through almost every single sales conversation.

    Imagine what it would be like when you no longer have to “close” your prospects. All you have to do is take money from those that want to work with you and are a good fit…

    Now you can finally put an end to these painful and embarrassing objections that are costing you sales and money:

    “This sounds good, but let me think about it.”
    “Your prices are too HIGH.”
    “Let me run this by my partner before I can make a decision.”
    “I’ll get back to you.”
    “I need to do some research”


    The Perfect Closing Script
    I developed this script because I was burned out doing calls by myself and needed to build a team.

    Using this 3-step new-school script, my team of 78 closers are rarely doing any follow-up because they frequently get one-call closes!

    My top closer, Joel, is closing $2,500 deals and has a 45% closing rate.

    He talks to just 30-35 prospects a week, and makes anywhere from $5K-$9K a month.

    When Joel isn’t closing deals, he’s spending time with his wife, Jayden.

    They love to travel, try new restaurants, and work out together.

    Here’s the deal:

    It’s NOT just my internal team that crushes sales today with these scripts!

    This Script Takes The New Method Of Sales And Puts It Into An Easy-To-Follow 3-Step Blueprint

    With the script, you’ll…

    Finally say goodbye to tire-kickers…
    Put an end to BS objections…
    Protect yourself from needless & unwanted rejection…
    Stop having to follow-up with unanswered phone calls and emails…
    Have the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want and when you want!

    What would one more deal per month do for your life?

    What about one more deal per week?

    Or per day?

    Can you imagine how much better your life will be when you’re in complete control over your income?

    Would you have more time to:

    Play more video games while sipping on a cold one?
    Spend more time with your family or friends?
    Travel and get out of the office?

    And wouldn’t you have more spare time to relax and do what makes you happy instead of work, work, work?

    Would you be able to take your mind off of quotas, targets, and the constant rejection you probably experience?

    When You Get The Perfect Closing Script Today You’ll Receive The Perfect Closing Script Cheat Sheet

    Have this cheat sheet in front of you during your next sales conversation so you know exactly what questions to ask and what to say next to close the deal.

    When You Get The Perfect Closing Script Today, You’ll Also Receive These 3 FREE Gifts

    FREE Gift #1 - Instagram Secrets And YouTube Secrets, Two Of My Most Popular Training's ($98.00 Value)

    With these two trainings, you’re not only going to get a bunch of my sales secrets, you’re also going to get all my marketing secrets.

    With The Perfect Closing Script you’ll be able to close more people. And with Instagram Secrets and YouTube Secrets you can get in front of more qualified prospects.

    You'll only have to get on the phone with just a few people to hit the same numbers you are now (if not more!)

    FREE Gift #2 - Word-For-Word Objection Handling Scripts ($99.00 Value)

    You’ll get all my proven, battle-tested objection handling scripts to destroy objections and close more sales.

    Simply review the scripts before you get on a sales call and you’ll be ready to destroy any objection that comes your way.

    If you can follow the dead-simple script, you’ll never feel the frustration of losing the sale to a dumb objection again.

    FREE Gift #3 - Expert Positioning - How To Close The Sale Before You Even Get On The Phone (Even If You Do Cold-Calling, Prospecting, Or Cold-Emailing!) ($199.00 Value)

    Sales is like warfare.

    The winner always has the high ground. And in order to win in sales, you have to get the high ground.

    That’s what I’m going to show you how to do. In this intimate training that was never intended to be released to the public…

    You’re going to discover how to quickly and ethically establish the high ground with your prospect BEFORE the sales call even happens.

    A $396.00 Value - Yours FREE When You

    Get The Perfect Closing Script Today

    How much would it be worth to you to be one of the most looked up to and respected salespeople?

    What about if you could consistently pull crazy numbers that make people wonder if you’re cheating the system?

    Or if you could crush your number month-in and month-out to collect handsome bonus checks?

    Some people have paid me $10,000+ to learn what you’re about to get.

    My team suggested I offer this script alone for $149. I disagreed.

    I tasked them with creating an irresistible offer for 3 reasons:

    1. I want to get this script in the hands of as many people as possible...

    2. I want to remove any excuse for you NOT to be closing deals left and right with precision and finesse…

    3. I want you to get such great results that you come back soon and invest in some of my higher end programs.

    So Just To Recap, When You Get The Perfect Closing Script You’re Going To Get…

    The Perfect Closing Script & The Perfect Closing Script Cheat Sheet ($149.00 Value)
    Instagram Secrets And YouTube Secrets, Two Of My Most Popular Training's ($98.00 Value)
    Word-For-Word Objection Handling Scripts ($99.00 Value)
    Expert Positioning - How To Close The Sale Before You Even Get On The Phone (Even If You Do Cold-Calling, Prospecting, Or Cold-Emailing!) ($199.00 Value)

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